Avisa Medical Camps

Join us at the Avisa Health Camp, where we're transforming the landscape of healthcare accessibility and wellness. Our camp offers a holistic approach to health, providing free medical check-ups, consultations, and health screenings to individuals from all walks of life.


Partnering with Avisa offers organizations unparalleled access to innovative healthcare solutions, enhancing employee well-being and productivity. With our comprehensive services and expertise, we tailor programs to meet organizational needs, fostering a healthier workforce and promoting a culture of wellness. Join us in transforming healthcare together.


Experience healthcare outreach like never before with Avisa’s Medical Camp, dedicated to spreading awareness and promoting preventive healthcare. Our camp offers free medical check-ups, consultations, and health screenings, empowering individuals with knowledge and resources for healthier living.
Join us at the Avisa Medical Camp and take proactive steps towards a healthier future. Together, we’re making a difference in community health and well-being, one camp at a time.


Elevate your corporate wellness initiatives with Avisa’s Corporate Health Camps. Our tailored programs offer comprehensive health assessments, personalized consultations, and wellness workshops to employees. By partnering with Avisa, organizations foster a culture of well-being, boost employee morale, and enhance productivity. 

Avisa with its vast network of doctors and nurses across India , conducts a series of free medical camps across India to spread the awareness of Healthcare . It also collaborates with various organisation to conduct camps with its own healthcare Infrastructure .
Types of Camps

AVISA Society Camps

At the Avisa Health Camp, our team of experienced healthcare professionals delivers personalized care, addressing individual health concerns and promoting overall well-being. From preventive screenings to specialized consultations, we're committed to empowering our community with the knowledge and resources to lead healthier lives.

Avisa Corporate Camps

Free Medical Check-ups: Receive thorough health assessments and screenings conducted by our skilled medical team, covering various aspects of your health. Specialized Consultations: Consult with our expert physicians and specialists to address specific health issues or concerns, ensuring personalized care tailored to your needs. Health Education: Gain valuable insights into preventive healthcare practices and disease management through informative sessions and educational materials provided at the camp. Community Engagement: Connect with fellow community members and healthcare professionals, fostering a supportive environment for health promotion and awareness.
Empower Your Community's Health
AVISA Camps Deliver Comprehensive Wellness Solutions for Lasting Impact and Empowerment
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Transforming Healthcare Together
AVISA Camps Offer Accessible, Expert-Led Care, Enhancing Community Health and Wellbeing for All
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Elevate Health Equity
AVISA Camps Bridge Gaps, Delivering Vital Services and Education, Empowering Communities Toward Healthier Futures
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